Friday, July 6, 2012

PMEs gain insights at Legal Primer workshop

08 March 2012
By Joshua Joseph
The tripartite dispute resolution mechanism provides an additional way for PMEs to resolve a workplace dispute in a speedy, efficient, low cost and non-confrontational manner.
It also offers the executive and the employer an opportunity to consider viable options and to arrive at mutually acceptable terms, thus avoiding protracted and costly litigation proceedings. 
Some 50 PMEs (Professionals, Managers and Executives) learned about this and other employment issues, including problems commonly faced by freelancers, at the Legal Primer for the Busy Executive held on 23 February 2012 after office hours in the CBD.
In the first such legal workshop organised by the NTUC PME Alignment Unit, the evening saw hosts NTUC Director (Legal Services Department and PMEs) Patrick Tay and NUS Business School Associate Professor Ravi Chandran, who is also the author of 'Employment Law in Singapore', engaging PMEs in an informal sharing session. 
Mr Tay highlighted that the workshop works both ways, where PMEs can chat on issues that concern them and are close to their hearts while allowing the Labour Movement to share the availability of various dispute resolution mechanisms.
"At the same time, it is for them to also feedback to us what areas they feel are lacking, where as a Labour Movement we can work to further outreach and represent this group called the PMEs... this is not the first and the last.
"We are going to have a series of some topical issues because the kind of concerns the PMEs face are increasingly quite globalised and more complex," added Mr Tay.

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